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Pair of South African Nursing Council Epaulettes and silver badges.
An original pair of maroon cloth epaulettes complete with their silver qualification badges from the South African Nursing Council/S.A. Verpleegstersraad. The differentiation between different branches of Nurses is shown here;
These are for a Registered General Nurse.

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Norwegian Nurses Association,silver Nurses Badge
A lovely silver and enamel badge for the Norsk Sykepleirskforbund or Norwegian Nurses Association.Pin and clasp intact very good condition,.Marked to the rear 75390, 925.5(silver) Makers mark,MET .Height 24mm

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Valparaiso,Chile Children's Hospital Nurses Badge
An enamelled Badge for the Children's Hospital of Valparaiso in Chile.The design features a star in the centre of a red cross on a blue circle surrounded by the Hospital title around the edge.The red, white and blue colours mimic those found on the Flag of Chile.It is engraved to the rear with the makers mark P.Hertz and the number 168.Whilst it appears to be made of silver it is unmarked as such.Condition good but with some minor scratching and chips to the enamel.Pin and clasp good.Height 31mm

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British Hospital Montevideo,Enamel badge
A Large screw back Brass and Enamel Badge from the British Hospital ,Montevideo Uruguay.A private hospital originally founded as the Foreign Hospital in 1857,it was renamed as the British Hospital in 1913.This unmarked badge which may possibly be a cap badge,looks to date to the 1940s or 50s.Nicely enamelled in good overall condition.Height 36mm

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Jamaica Mental Hospital cap badge
An extremely rare Large cap badge for the Jamaica Mental Hospital.
The Jamaica Lunatic Asylum has it's origins in the 1840s before moving to it's current site in 1861.It changed it's name to the Jamaica Mental Hospital in 1938 before becoming the Bellevue Hospital in 1946/47,so this badge dates to that period.
It takes the form of the Rod of Asclepius within a wreath of Laurel leaves over a scroll bearing the hospital title.It closely resembles the badge of the Royal Army Medical Corps but I can find no close connection of the Hospital with the Military.It is of a white metal with two brass lugs and bears a makers plate for Firmin London.Height 55mm

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Nicaraguan Health Workers Union Badge Fetsalud
A brass and enamel badge for Fetsalud ,the Nicaraguan Health workers union.It has a modern replacement pin but otherwise good condition.Height 24mm

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Norwegian Nurses Association Silver badge
A lovely silver and enamel badge for the Norsk Sykepleirskforbund or Norwegian Nurses Association.Unfortunately missing it's pin,Otherwise very good condition,complete with safety chain.Marked to the rear 4768, 925.5(silver) Makers mark,David Andersen Oslo.Height 32mm

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Silver Danish Nurses Organisation Badge
A nice silver and enamel nurses badge for the Danish Nurses Organisation in very good condition. Founded in 1899 the organisation was formed for the protection and registration of the trained nurse and still exists today. The badge features the Four Leaved Clover in the Danish colours. The clasp and pin are intact and the safety chain and pin are present.Marked to the rear R.Hertz 925 S Tilhorer DSP and carries the number 72232.
Height 32mm

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