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Peterborough School of Midwifery,Silver Midwives Badge
A silver and enamel badge from the Peterborough School of Midwifery.It's design is based upon earlier Peterborough Hospital badges and features the coat of arms of Peterborough with the motto Upon this Rock.In very good condition.Pin clasp and safety roller catch are all good.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Regent Street Birmingham.Silver hallmarks for TF Birmingham 1985.Height 33mm

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Dudley Road Hospital,Brass Nurses Badge
A chrome and enamel Nurses badge from the Dudley Road Hospital in Birmingham.The design features an arch shape above the letters DRH.This is based upon the long corridor of the hospital which was originally a quarter of a mile long with nine Nightingale ward blocks running off it.Condition is good although with moderate surface wear. Pin and catch are both good.Unmarked to rear

Code: 52193Price: 40.00 GBP

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Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital silver Nurses badge and GNC pair
A nice pair of badges to the same nurse.The first is a silver and enamel Badge from the Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital in Taplow Buckinghamshire.Based on part of the Cliveden estate on land donated by the Astor family for a Canadian Military Hospital in the First World War was enlarged in the Second World War and later handed over to the new NHS.It finally closed in 1985.
The oval badge consists of a central red cross with Canadian Maple leaf overlayed, flanked by two Red Crosses.Condition is very good with enamel intact.Pin and clasp good.Silver hallmarks for TF (Thomas Fattorini) Birmingham 1948
The second item is a chrome and enamel General Nursing Council for England & Wales badge.This is named for P G Mansboro SRN 221828 24.1.55 Good condition, pin and clasp intact, safety chain in situ.

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Newmarket General Hospital,Silver Enrolled Nurses Badge
A scarce silver and enamel Enrolled Nurses badge for the Newmarket General Hospital from the late 1960s. It features the Nurses Lamp of Learning above a red bar with the latin phrase Felicitas Serviendum-Serving Happily.This is placed within a Green enamelled horseshoe which signifies the towns link to the Racehorse industry.In May 1964 the Hospital ceased to train Student Nurses and this badge was instigated for Pupil Nurse training.The badge changed slightly in 1967 and this pattern was in use after that time .It is very good condition with pin and clasp intact.Hallmarked for TF (Thomas Fattorini) Birmingham 1976 Height 33mm

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St Helen's & Knowsley School of Nursing,silver nurses badge
Silver and enamel nurses badge from the St Helen's & Knowsley School of Nursing,The badge features the coat of Arms of Prescot with the hospital title on a blue band to the edge.Condition is good, although the pin has been lost and a temporary one has been added.It is engraved for C.Tabern 1971-1974.Silver hallmarks for F&S (Fattorini & Son)Birmingham 1975.Height 31mm

Code: 52181Price: 70.00 GBP

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Greenwich District Hospital,Silver Nurses Badge
A scarce silver and enamel nurses badge from the Greenwich District Hospital.It consists of a polished silver greek cross with a central motif of a trident and snake (mimicking the rod of Asclepius) surrounded by stars.The hospital title appears on a white enamel band around this.Good overall condition with enamel intact and only minor surface scratches.Pin clasp and safety roller catch all intact although pin is slightly loose.Engraved for HM Williams 1968.Hallmarked for TF(Thomas Fattorini) Birmingham 1968.I believe this to be the badge awarded for SRN Training as opposed to round EN version.Height 33mm

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Royal Free Hospital Nurses League,Silver Nurses Badge
A Nice silver and enamel Nurses badge from the Royal Free Hospital Nurses League,as originally issued between 1910 &1960.Featuring the original design which bore the Coronet.
Condition good with no enamel loss although some surface scratches are present.Pin and clasp intact .Hallmarked for T&G Birmingham 1960.Height 30mm
A popular item.

Code: 52186Price: 65.00 GBP

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Sheffield Royal Hospital, white metal Nurses Badge
A White metal(possibly silver) Nurses badge from the Sheffield Royal Hospital.It consists of a Maltese Cross suspended from a wide pin back bar brooch which bears the title Sheffield Royal Hospital.Condition is good, pin and clasp intact.Height 33mm Width 43mm

Code: 52184Price: 50.00 GBP

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Nurses Co-operation London, Nurses medal
A scarce nurses medal from the London Nurses Co-operation.This was one of the many early Agencies providing trained Nurses for home and hospital nursing.The badge consists of a red enamelled Greek Cross with an imposed white enamel circle bearing Nurses Co-Operation London.This is suspended from its original silk ribbon in red and white stripes, although the pin fixing is absent. There is one small chip to the arm on the left side but otherwise good. It is dated 1913 with the issue number 491 to the rear.It did also have a pin and clasp fixing but the pin is absent,Approximate height 63mm

Code: 52182Price: 55.00 GBP

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Leicester Royal Infirmary Nurses League Badge
A Chrome and enamel nurses badge from the Nurses League of the Leicester Royal Infirmary.It consists of a shield with red centre edged with white and blue bands.In the centre are the initials LRIN for Leicester Royal Infirmary Nurses League.It is topped by a blue scroll with the motto Unity and Honour and 1903(The date the league was founded).Condition good .Pin and clasp good.Named to D J Iliffe.Makers mark for Thomas Fattorini Ltd Regent street Birmingham.Height 39mm

Code: 52180Price: 30.00 GBP

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